Tree Removal

Preserving Your Trees for the Next Generation

Tree Removal


Sometimes, removing a tree becomes an unavoidable necessity, but it’s one that we take seriously, because we understand the damage a hazardous tree can do to your home.

There are many reasons why tree removal becomes your only choice. Weather damage, diseased, and decayed trees are necessary reasons to remove these trees due to the safety hazard at stake.

This is where the Ark-O-Mo team of expert arborists come into play: we can professionally and safely remove these costly hazards to your home.

How Expensive Is Tree Removal?

There are many variables involved in the cost of tree removal. The best thing to do is call an Ark-O-Mo arborist to receive the most accurate quote.

Complexity of job, type and height of tree, and health, condition, and location of the tree (or trees) will determine the ultimate cost. This could range between $500-$1000, where smaller trees could be less, and larger, more difficult to access trees could be slightly more.

Here are some factors we consider when estimating cost:

  • Size: The total height of the tree is one of the biggest factors
  • Condition: Strong, healthy trees are more difficult to remove and thus more costly, whereas a dead or rotting tree would be less costly
  • Diameter: Typically, shorter, thicker trees cost more, and taller, thinner trees cost less
  • Location: Trees that are located away from houses and obstacles and easy to access usually are less expensive

How Will My Tree Be Removed?

Tree removal isn’t easy. First, we will chop it down by climbing the tree or using our modern bucket truck, and then cut the limbs, roping down the pieces, and finally cutting them into smaller sizes.

You can keep these pieces for yourself if you wish, or we can dispose of them.

Finally, tree maintenance is key. Regular pruning and trimming improves the aesthetic appearance of trees but also maintains their overall health, structure, and integrity that will prevent future removal.

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